Ivana was born in a very poor and small village in former Yugoslavia, Serbia. Her mother moved to Holland, with the hope for a better future. But she had to sacrifice her daughter. She couldn’t take her too. Five years later Ivana also moved to Holland, where she grew up.
IVANA realizes, like no other, that she was very lucky to have been able to grow up in the Netherlands. “My life would be very different if non of this happend and if I grew up in my home country. I am very grateful for the chance which is given to me. I realize very well, that nothing is obvious and that not everyone gets the same chances in life ”.Work, having a meaningful life and finding her true self, that is what her whole life was all about. “As a child I felt a strong feeling to do something with my life and make all of my dreams come true. No matter what ”.
IVANA worked her way up through college and earned her bachelor degree. IVANA started several businesses and developed herself as an all round entrepreneur for more than nineteen years.
She also participated as a (business) coach and speaker at international conferences. She became successful in what she was doing. “It didn’t happen overnight. “I worked very hard and I had to overcome all kinds of challenges to get where I am now.” 
“But, my biggest reward, is the great lesson, life taught me. I had to learn the hard way to understand and now I do”. “My life and everything I had to experience became an inspiration for myself. It gave me the insight that difficulties are only a challenge to overcome and not to fight against it ”. When I look back, I realize how strong I am.  It made me the woman I am and because of it all, I found my true self, my identity ”.
“We all are much stronger than we dare to believe.
 We can make everything happen if we dare to take action. If we dare to amid that failure is not a weakness, but a strength. If we dare to stand up, if we fall.
 If we dare to say no, if we don’t want it. If we dare to follow and chase our passion. If we dare to sacrifice and do everything that it takes, to make it happen and if we dare to believe ”. It is possible to make all of your dreams come true. That is exactly what I did. I dreamed of having my own luxury handbag collection with my name on it. And I did it, because I pushed myself to make it and believed, in myself. “I made up my mind and decided to do something completely different and that is why I switched careers, sacrificed everything I had build, in the past, to chase my dream and my passion, because”, 
“I don’t want to have a dream, I want to live my dream ”. 
A new chapter began. “My brand was born.A brand with a vision and mission. To empower, inspire and help homeless people and children from all over the world ”. 
“I believe that every human deserves to discover their identity, worth and a (second)
chance in life, like I did. That is why we want to encourage you to share your story, because we all have one ”. 
“From the moment I chanced my life, nothing was the same anymore. Magical things were happening, which I couldn’t have imagined ”. 
“I have been approved to make an excusive handbag and tie for the Royal Family in Monaco. My brand won two awards. One in 2018 and one in 2019. It has been dispayed in national magazines, newspaper and TV and to top it off, several International celebrities, wear my brand.  
Join and support the IVANA Community. By wearing the mission. Pass it on. Live your dream.
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